There are a few ways to import data into PeopleVine that can be done in both a batch processing or real-time processing. Check out these sections for details on how to import data.

Import via CSV
PeopleVine allows you to import data into your account via a CSV file. To do this, simply click on your company name and click on Import Data under the Data Options section.

When importing data, follow these best practices:

  • Imported files must be CSV

  • You must include the field names in the first row

  • You can only import 4MB files at a time

We currently support importing for:

  • Customers

  • Directory/Locations

  • eCommerce Inventory

  • Members to a Membership

Import via API
Connecting to the PeopleVine API allows you to import data in either batch or real-time. To learn more about our API visit

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