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Prepping Your File for Importing Customer Data
Prepping Your File for Importing Customer Data
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It's important that you prep your file for importing before you start the process. This is to ensure that your data is separated to be leveraged for targeted marketing.

Say for example you have a spreadsheet containing customer info and one of the columns contains multiple values (sometimes separated by ',' or ';'). You will need to process this data in Excel in order to properly import into PeopleVine. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open your file in Excel

  2. Highlight the column that contains the delimited data

  3. Then click the data tab and select "Text to Columns"

  4. Walk through the wizard and click finished

This will take delimited data and automatically create multiple columns. Now when you import into PeopleVine you can Tag as Attribute in order to use for segmentation and future marketing capabilities.

Please Note: If you're importing multiple attributes with the same label, you need to uncheck the box "If the data already exists, update the fields.". This will ensure that multiple values can be stored for the same data point.

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