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Setting up an Affiliate Program
Setting up an Affiliate Program
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Peoplevine allows you to setup an Affiliate Program which will:

  1. pre-populate the affiliate program details

  2. allow people to sign up via your web site for this affiliate program

  3. provides a roll-up of stats associated with all affiliates in this program.

To setup an affiliate program follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Peoplevine account

  2. Under Sell // Directory, click on Create Affiliate Program

  3. Fill in the necessary details and settings. It's important that you add text in the Program Details as this will inform the user about the affiliate program.

  4. Once you click Create, you will be given a link for people to register as an affiliate.

Some things to know:

  • The prefix and suffix are added to the generated ID. This is used so you can identify what program the ID is from.

  • You can set this to kick in after a specific amount of referrals. This is best leveraged with the Commission Type: Discount.

Now people can register to become an affiliate.

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