The PeopleVine Membership platform allows you to operate your entire membership experience with both physical and digital membership cards. Through our platform you can:

  • Convert existing physical membership cards into digital cards that are geo-located to pop-up when nearby.

  • Setup recurring billing to ensure memberships are paid for each month, year, etc.

  • Supply credits that are redeemed after each scan (e.g. trainer sessions)

  • Control access to facilities or protect content in PeopleVine to only active members.

Out of the box, we provide you with the screens for registration, managing your members, general analytics and the tools to scan and validate on the spot. PeopleVine Memberships is the future of membership management.

After signing up for PeopleVine, you can get started with memberships by following these directions:

I want people to sign up online, but not have to pay for it.
So you want members to register online and generate their membership card? Perfect, you can either allow them to download the card after registering or set it to pending until you have a chance to approve. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reward > Memberships > New Membership Program

  2. Complete the details for the membership card, but make sure to set this as an ID card. Optionally you can check whether or not it should be active immediately or set to pending.

  3. Now PeopleVine will provide you with the URL for people to sign up on your site.

  4. In order to send a confirmation after signing up, go to Connect > Instant Notification Templates > New Instant Notification Template.

  5. Add your welcome message, etc. to the template.

  6. On the next screen you will choose when to send this; you should choose either when people subscribe as a member or when a membership is activated.

Now members can sign up directly on your web site.

I want to charge people who sign up and automatically charge them each month.
PeopleVine allows you to charge people automatically each month, year or other frequencies in order to ensure their membership remains active. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sell > Services > New Service

  2. Create a service that is for the recurring billing of this membership card and enter any details you require.

  3. Once the service is created, follow the steps above, but instead of setting it as an ID card, select people must subscribe to this membership and select the new service you created.

Now when people sign up, they will be taken to a payment screen to finalize their purchase. PeopleVine will then automatically charge them each billing cycle to keep them active.

In order to accept payments with PeopleVine, please follow the steps here to setup a payment processor.

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