You can setup 2 sets of permissions on events in order to control who can see the event on the calendar and who can register for the event once viewing it. When creating or editing an event look for these settings:

Privacy Settings

The privacy settings are designed to display or hide events based on the type of user that is logged in (or not logged in). You can choose from the following:

  • Display this event to the Public if you want to add it to your public calendar and visible to everyone (logged in, not logged in, active members, inactive members, etc.).

  • Hide event from the Public (only accessible via direct link) is for when you want to setup an event, but you don't want people to access it from your calendar. The only way people can see this event is by having the direct link generated by PeopleVine.

  • Only show to Registered People (they must be logged in) if you want to keep events hidden until someone has logged into their account. These events will be hidden from the calendar view and/or require them to login when accessing via the direct link. Once they login, they will be able to view these events on the calendar. This is leveraged if you want to track user activity on your site.

  • Only show this event to Active Members (they must be an active member to any membership) is for when you want to hide events on your calendar and only show it to active members. If they are not an active member, they will not be able to see these on the calendar.

Leverage these to manipulate what's visible on the /events page. Please note, if you are using HAPI to output your event calendar, you will need to enable the appropriate settings for this to work.


The permissions are used to limit who can actually register for the event. When you set this up, it will control who can actually register for the event. You can choose from the following:

  • Anyone if you want everyone to be able to register for this event. Of course they will need to register during the checkout process, but the event is open to anyone.

  • A Registered Person is to prevent people from seeing the available tickets until they are registered and logged in. This still allows anyone to register (unless you've disabled the /register page).

  • Active Members Only will only allow active users of the selected memberships to register for the event. When choosing this option, you can then select which membership programs have access to registering for this event.

  • Administrators Only is used for allowing admins on your team to register. You can set someone as an administrator by editing their CRM profile and setting the customer type to admin. This is primarily used for testing purposes only.

With the combination of these two settings, you have complete control over who can see your events and who can register for these events.

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