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Import Transactions from a CSV
Import Transactions from a CSV
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PeopleVine allows you to migrate transactions from another platform directly into PeopleVine either via our API or via importing transactions via a CSV file. Follow these steps to import via a CSV:

  1. Export your transaction data from another system. Ensure you export to a CSV file. If the other system doesn't support that, then you may need to open in Microsoft Excel and then click Save as CSV (comma separated values).

  2. Login to your PeopleVine account at

  3. Click on Sell and under transactions click Import Transactions

  4. Select your CSV file

  5. Map the fields in your CSV to the fields in PeopleVine

  6. Click Import

Once completed, PeopleVine will then send you an e-mail after the data was successfully imported.

Please note the following when importing data:

  • It is important you map a "Charged On" date so it shows up properly in your reporting. Otherwise it will default to 1/1/1900 12:00 AM

  • We will prevent uploads of duplicate items that match the same time, amount, customer, PO# and transaction ID.

  • If you need to disable or cancel transactions, you can set the Transaction Status to "cancelled". If nothing is provided for the status we will assume it was successfully "processed".

  • We will ONLY import transaction data that has a matching customer either by email address, mobile number or their customer reference (external ID). You can also supply their customer_no if known.

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