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Upon setting up a new contest, you will first enter the basic details and graphics. Then, on the specific contest's dashboard under Contest Prizes, click "Add a New Prize" to add prize(s) for that contest.

You can choose among three types of prizes:

  • Consolation Prize (many available, often a coupon)

  • Main Prize (few available)

  • Grand Prize (usually just 1 available)

For each type of prize you can set the total quantity available, prize limit (how many times an individual can win each prize), and availability date (Note: set the grand prize's availability date for later in the contest timeframe to encourage continued participation).

Here you can also attach prize graphics (created outside of PeopleVine) and text to be displayed to the winner(s).

Once you've added prizes to your contest, click "View Prizes" to see an overview like the one below:

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