You can reward your customers with loyalty points for every purchase by enabling the Clover POS integration. To integrate with Clover POS, please follow these steps:

On Your POS Register

The first time you setup loyalty, you will need to complete these items:

  1. Go to the Inventory App and add a new item

  2. Call it Loyalty

  3. Check Show in Register

  4. Check Non-revenue item

  5. Set the price to $0.00

  6. We recommend adding a SKU and then printing out a bar code.

  7. Click on Modifiers and add a new modifier group called loyalty. You do not need to add a modifier item.

  8. Click on Categories and add a new category called loyalty. Assign it to the product. This will then ensure that we only process loyalty orders for points.

When Placing an Order

If a customer wants to earn their loyalty points, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Loyalty product or scan the bar code for loyalty.

  2. It will then prompt you to select a modifier. You will click on Custom Modifier (bottom left) and enter the member's loyalty card number, mobile number or email address.

  3. Hit done.

  4. You will see the product Loyalty added to the order which will reflect their identifier in the order.

  5. Continue to checkout with payment as you would normally.

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