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Getting Started with Payments in PeopleVine
Getting Started with Payments in PeopleVine
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There are several places within PeopleVine to accept payments from your customers, including:

  • eCommerce

  • Subscription & Billing

  • Events & Ticketing

  • Appointments & Reservations

  • Donations

Prior to accepting payments via these channels, you need to complete the activities in these two tutorials:

  1. Setup an SSL Connection for your Web Site

  2. Start Accepting Payments in PeopleVine

Once these are configured, PeopleVine is smart enough to re-route users to SSL enabled pages anytime account information or payment information is requested from the user. This would include the following pages:

  • /payment.aspx

  • /commerce_checkout.aspx

  • /commerce_receipt.aspx

  • /login.aspx

  • /register.aspx

  • All Account Pages pre-fixed with /admin_

You can also enable it on any custom page by simply adding an absolute URL to

Please note that if you don't have an SSL certificate setup at the specified "" it may present an error to the viewer.

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