Peoplevine provides the ability to build robust and personalized email marketing campaigns while allowing you to send to "Live Data". As people interact on your website, through your marketing or other means, we can leverage their interactions to target that group directly. Therefore, leveraging Peoplevine Newsletters, you can build a more robust campaign.

To migrate your data from another platform, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your current provider and find an option to Export data. (Google for tutorial)

  2. Make sure you select to export to a CSV. If they do not provide this option, you can export to Excel and then inside Excel go to Save File As and select Comma Separated Values (.csv).

  3. If you would like to label this import (so you know where it came from) then add a new column in the header of your CSV (call it something like Imported From) and in each row, enter the value (e.g. Mailchimp). This will automatically group this list together for targeted messaging if needed.

  4. Login to your PeopleVine Account

  5. Go to CRM and click on Import People

  6. Attach your CSV and then click Load File

  7. You will then map the columns in your CSV to the fields in PeopleVine. You will map the Imported From field to Tag as Attribute

  8. Hit Import

You're all set. Peoplevine will now import all your customers and set them up in your CRM for communicating with.

Please note we HIGHLY recommend that you do not import people that have opted out from your other platform (or at least set the opt_in_email value to N). This will ensure that your customers don't feel like they're being spammed (which can tarnish your brand).

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