Recurring Payments
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Within Peoplevine you can setup services that can be subscribed to on a recurring basis. This allows you to bill your customers daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually for a specific item.

Once someone subscribes, they will be added to the recurring billing engine and be charged automatically based on their next billing date. This date is pre-determined based on the billing frequency and when they signup or when they were last charged for their subscription. You can also modify this date by editing their subscription and updating the Next Billing Date value.

Since PeopleVine billing runs at 1:30 AM CST daily, the Next Billing Date must be the next business day if changed before 1:30 AM CST. If you want to charge someone and kick-off the recurring billing, then select the Check Out option.

This will walk you through the checkout process and then setup the next billing date based on the billing frequency.

In order for the charge to process each billing cycle, the subscription must be active. If it has the recurring flag checked, then we will charge their payment method automatically. If they don't have a payment method on file, then we will send them a notification to login and pay.

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