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Add Category Banners to Commerce Shop Pages
Add Category Banners to Commerce Shop Pages
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Within the commerce engine, you can customize the category shop pages with full width banners as well as thumbnail banners for sub-categories. Follow these steps on how to set them up:

  1. Click on the Company Menu and go to Categories

  2. If you don't have an existing product category, then click Create New Category (if you have one go to edit, then continue to step 6)

  3. Type the name of the category

  4. Select the component as Product

  5. Scroll down and you can attach the main banner and the thumbnail banner

Once you save this, the category will now display your banners on the site.

Banner Sizes

We recommend the following sizes:

  • Main Banner - 1200px wide (suggested 250px high). Remember this is full-width.

  • Category Banner - 400px wide (suggested 200px high). This tiles 3 across on default screens.

Our system will automatically resize them for the appropriate view, but make sure you consider the file size on the bigger dimensions.

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