Out-of-the-Box Pages & Tools

PeopleVine comes pre-loaded with a number of out-of-the-box pages and tools like our blogging and directory engines to help you expand

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PeopleVine automatically generates the following pages to add to your existing web site. Tools like our blogging and directory engines are used to help you engage more with your customers.

Before you can see your out-of-the-box pages you will need to ensure you've setup a custom domain

/contact – a pre-generated 'contact us' form (add a survey/form to customize it)

/register – allows customers to sign up for your newsletter and build their profile (add a survey/form to customize it)

/faq – as you add FAQs via Engage > Create a FAQ this page will be automatically built

/sitemap.xml – a dynamically generated sitemap based on the content pages that you create

/blog – your blog using content pages (and setting as a blog page)

/company.aspx – a simple 'about us' page with your company profile and bio

/directory or /directory/listing – a list of all the businesses, store locations, and/or brands you set up in the business directory

/events – a calendar of all your upcoming events, available in 3 different views (calendar, block, or list)

/loyalty – a list of your loyalty programs available for signup

/account – takes users to their account page to check order status, coupons, memberships, loyalty and more

/account/businesses - takes a business owner to their account tools

/commerce – standard home page for your commerce site

/shop – your product catalog (can be filtered by category_no or business_no)

/commerce_brands.aspx – list of all the brands you carry products from

/commerce_deals.aspx – displays upcoming daily deals

/donate – allows you to take donations (and/or payments) on your web site

/password_forgot.aspx – where your customers can reset their password

/charge/### – allows you to take payments from your customers by passing in the dollar value instead of ###.

/privacy – standard privacy policy page

/terms – standard terms and conditions page

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