Within PeopleVine, you can automatically push your blog posts to Facebook Instant Articles with one-click. But to get started, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Facebook Instant Articles (if you haven't already done so).

  2. You will need to follow the publishing tools and guidelines first and submit at least 5 articles to Facebook before this feature is enabled.

  3. Connect Your Site to Facebook Instant Articles by adding the <meta> tag they provide

4. Copy this code and add it to the page layout of your website.
5. Now you need to post 5 articles and submit for approval by Facebook.  
6. You can post to Facebook Instant Articles either upon creating a new blog post (check the box at the bootom) or on the blog article menu in the Control Panel, you will see a "Post to Facebook Instant Articles" button which will do the same.

Once Facebook approves you, you can then instantly post articles onto Facebook.com.

Please make sure you read through the entire setup for Facebook Instant Articles. You will need to setup the following first:

  • Setup a style that includes your logo

  • Post at least 5 articles

  • Submit for Review

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