Manage events and sell tickets online through PeopleVine's Events & Ticketing tool.

Get started under Sell>Events & Ticketing>Create New Event.

The scheduling tool will walk you through entering all the necessary event info then auto-populate a calendar and event registration page for your site.

Current event-type options. Your selection will determine how the event registration/ticketing process appears to customers:

  • Event is open to the public (no registration required).

  • Event is open to the public but registration is required to attend.

  • This is a general admission event; prepaid credits can be applied.

  • I would like to sell tickets for this event.

  • This is an invite only event, where attendees must RSVP.

You can also choose which calendar view to include:

Once a customer registers for or buys tickets for an event, they will be able to view and download their tickets (if applicable) from the customer portal under "My Events."

You can view and manage all your existing events from the event dashboard found at Sell>Events & Ticketing in the PeopleVine Control Panel. From this dashboard, you'll be able to easily promote your event(s) using other PeopleVine tools (like newsletters and social engagement), export guest lists, and upload event media galleries.

Event promotion options:

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