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Port Openings Required for On Premise (PeopleVine Enterprise)
Port Openings Required for On Premise (PeopleVine Enterprise)
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In order for the appropriate servers to communicate and visitors access the platform and experiences, you need to open the following ports:

  • Web Server (Portal)

Port 80 (open DMZ) - this allows external people to access any content or information you've published within the platform.  the same content/experience permissions still apply.
Port 443 (open DMZ) - this is the secured port which is recommended for all websites.
DNS - (additional domains may be configured.  We recommend you provide a wild card (*.) domain name e.g. * to launch new domains in seconds)

  • Web Servers (API, Control)

Port 443 - we recommend these be opened for port 443 only in an effort to adhere to the highest  level in securityDNS - and

  • SQL Server

Port 1433 - this is the port for SQL server to be accessed.  It ONLY needs to be connected to the Web Server for API.  So your firewall can block any other IP address (highly recommended)

  • Storage Server

If you opt for a storage server instead of CDN, you must enable FTP publishing or a POST method to upload files.   The necessary ports will need to be configured depending on connection type.

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