When setting up your on-premise environment, we encourage you to retain all company wide security policies, but ensuring that the connectivity between PeopleVine servers and services are configured to work properly.


The PeopleVine software is a web application and sql database/script that gets published via the build server.  This will install all the necessary files for PeopleVine to operate within your on premise environment after you've configured the initial server setup.

You will need to install and configure the following:

  • Operating System - Windows Server 2012+

  • IIS Version 7.0+ with .NET 4.6+ (enable Web Deploy)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (requires support for JSON SQL)


There are 4 components to PeopleVine's architecture: 3 web apps (API, control panel and portal) and SQL Server.  It is required that the API web app and SQL Server run on the same machine, but the control panel and portal can stand alone.  We recommend the following hardware:

  • 4 Core Processor (recommend XEON 2.0GHz +)

  • 8 GB of Memory

  • 64GB HDD (CDN separate); SQL Server should be at least 250GB HDD (recommended 10K RPM)

If you are running all items on the same server, we recommend at least 16GB of memory.

The CDN server or service should provide an API, SDK or FTP access to push files to the CDN.  We recommend Microsoft Azure storage.


You will need provide external access to the Control Panel and the Portal in order to admin and interact with the platform.  You can set this up to have an IP address accessible to the public via the provided domain login.  You will need to setup the sub-domain names to access these web apps too.


Your account representative will provide you with detailed install instructions.

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