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Integration with XPS Shipping
Integration with XPS Shipping

You can leverage XPS shipping to feed orders that need to be shipped as well as provide tracking to your customers.

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Follow these steps to leverage the XPS Shipping integration:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to the Company Settings and click on Integrated Platforms

  3. Click on XPS shipping

  4. Enter your API access key and copy the secret key, then save.  

To Connect XPS:

  1. Now follow the steps in this document to setup the XPS shipping webhooks

  2. Enter the following for the integration:

       List Orders Webhook URL:
​       Update Order Webhook URL:
​       Get Order Webhook URL:

   3. You can obtain your secret key in the above steps in PeopleVine.

If your connection is successful, you will start to see new orders in XPS.  You will notice we include the requested delivery date, the customer's shipping option and then basic info on the product.  

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