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Void and Reverse Transactions
Void and Reverse Transactions

Did your payment processor hold a transaction for review that failed? Follow these steps to reverse the actions.

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As the time of writing this article, this only supports reversal of membership subscriptions.

In the event that your payment processor holds a transaction that later fails, you can void and reverse the transaction in Peoplevine by following these steps:

1. Find the transaction that you want to void and reverse.

2. If you have not refunded the transaction, then do that first.  You can uncheck "Automatically refund their payment method" if this was a processor issue and not a user issue.

3.  You will now see the Void & Delete button.  This will prompt you to confirm the action, but ultimately will reverse the transaction (putting your membership and subscription back to failed).

We will retain this as a voided transaction and have created a trail in the notes too.  

You can view voided transactions by changing the transaction status to "Voided" when viewing all your transactions.

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