When viewing a receipt in the member/customer portal, users can save their receipt (for transactions or orders) as a PDF by simply clicking the Download as PDF button.

When clicking on that button, the member portal will automatically download a copy of their receipt as a PDF.

The PDF will include your logo, contact info and basic information about the purchase.  If it's for an order, it will include each item on the order. 

Alternatively, you can e-mail the receipt directly to your customer by viewing the transaction in the Control Panel and selecting E-mail Receipt.  Enter your message and we'll take care of the rest. Your member will receive an email containing a link to view the receipt online or to download as a PDF. 

After sending your first transaction receipt, you will notice a new e-mail in your Notifications Engine called Transaction Receipt.  This e-mail is already wired up to send out, but you can choose to customize the design or experience when they receive this e-mail.  

The Download as PDF option is also available for transactions and orders in the Control Panel.

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