Facebook will provide oyu with a pixel that enables you to track user activity on your website.  When you generate the tracking pixel, you can install into your PeopleVine hosted website by following these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to your website layout under Engage > Content > Layouts

  3. Identify your Facebook Pixel ID from the setup instructions they provided.

    4. You will need to add your Facebook Pixel ID to each layout that you'd like to track (e.g. if you have a member portal too).

    5. Once you save your layout, all page views will fire on this Facebook Pixel ID.

We also added support for tracking the following standard actions:

  1. Add payment info

  2. Add to cart

  3. Complete Registration as Member

  4. Contact

  5. Donate

  6. Find Location

  7. Initiate Checkout for Commerce

  8. Purchase for Commerce, Event Tickets

  9. Schedule Appointment/Reservation

Please note that if you replace our out of the box pages, you will need to add your own tracking back.  You can see ohter options in Facebook's Article at https://www.facebook.com/business/help/402791146561655

You can also leverage our customer exits (search "customer exits" in our help docs) to trigger custom events.

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