Migrate to PeopleVine Billing for Memberships and streamline your business with the ultimate in "lock-down" abilities for non-payers.  Get paid on-time and all the time with PeopleVine Billing.

When migrating your customer billing to PeopleVine from another platform, please consider the following: 

  • Some providers will allow you to transfer your client’s existing payment information to PeopleVine, if so, please have them e-mail the request to [email protected].

  • When migrating your billing to PeopleVine, you may need to setup a new merchant account.  Our partner Card Connect offers some of the lowest rates for both ACH and credit card payments with the highest level of security and encryption.

  • In the event you are unable to migrate over existing payment information, we’ll work with you on a transition plan and communication to ensure that your members update their payment method in PeopleVine. 

Overall, we have seen great success with our clients moving to PeopleVine Billing.  With our automated billing reminders, custom drip campaigns and auto-lockout from all permission based experiences (events, rooms, appointments, etc.) in your member portal, you’ll find your members self-service to re-activate their account with ease.

 There are ton of benefits to using PeopleVine Billing for your membership dues and revenue: 

  • One secured platform for your members to manage their entire experience with your brand

  • The ability to assign a payment contact for subscriptions that are different than the membership

  • Billing is tied to overall platform access, so when billing fails, their membership fails and they instantly lose access to all membership protected activities.  In addition, they will be prompted to pay, each time they login to the member portal.

  • Members can modify their billing method (ACH or Credit Card) with ease via the mobile friendly member portal for true self-service.

  • You can setup a series of e-mails that remind the member to pay their dues.

  • Members can see all past billing and then save their card on file for future purchases like events, appointments, ecommerce and more.

  • You can tie billing to the real-world with our webhooks, essentially locking out their keycard when billing fails and then sending them a text message to remind them when they try to scan in for true automation and self-service.

If you’re ready to migrate to PeopleVine Billing, please contact your account representative to kick off the process.

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