See the tools available to you when checking in your members and the different data/experiences we can capture.  In addition, introducing our new fully customizable self-service check-in.

We created a deck on the latest check-in tools and features within Peoplevine.  Check out to see a brief overview, then head over to the updated for full details on setup and usage of these tools.  For your reference, here's a general overview of the features:

Now introducing our new self-service check-in experience that can run on any device including an iPad and can be customized to match your branding.

Once your scanner is setup and connected to your device, go to a web browser and visit  You can also setup a custom-domain with a blank layout to remove your overall branding.  As part of this flow, there are 5 screens, each screen can be customized/replaced using HAPI and the appropriate keyword:

  • /checkin/self - Self Check-In Screen(keyword: checkin)

  • /checkin/self/scan - Self Check-In Scanning(keyword: checkin_scan)

  • /checkin/self/scan - Self Check-In Scanning Valid Member(keyword: checkin_scan_valid)

  • /checkin/self/scan - Self Check-In Scanning Invalid Member(keyword: checkin_scan_invalid)

  • /checkin/self/guest - Self Check-In for Guest(keyword: checkin_guest for search, checkin_guest_found for displaying form, checkin_guest_confirmation after form submitted)

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