Looking to add an app to your digital portfolio? This article will show you how to ensure your brand is all over it including being the publisher, your app name, icon and more. As well helps you gain access to statistics and reviews.

PeopleVine clients' can now deploy their own app to both iOS and Android devices. 

This article details how to setup your own account and the details we need from you to ensure we can properly launch your app in the app store.  

Start out by signing up for developer accounts at both Apple and Google:

Once you have your developer accounts setup, please complete the following:

In the Apple Developer Center
Login to your Apple Developer account and go to App Store Connect.  Click to go to Users and Access and invite [email protected].

In the Google Play Developer Center
Login to your Google Play developer account and go to Settings then click on Users and Permissions and invite [email protected].  Make sure you give us release manager or better permissions.

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