You can customize the list of locations where you host your events by following these steps. You can use it to provide locations that are within your space or remote locations.

Before you can use locations, you first eed to set them up.

To setup locations that you can select when adding an event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Directory engine and add a new profile.

    2.  Start by adding the name of the Venue, if these are locations with in your space, add your company name.
    3.  Now click on Add New Location and enter the location name (e.g. Lounge) and the full address of your location.

NB: if you hit the back button after creating the first location, you only have to change the location name (if all spaces are at the same location).

     4.  If you have additional remote venues, you should setup a separate directory profile, as you can give them access to manage the events at that venue (if you wanted).

    5.  Now when you go to setup a new event, you will see these locations:

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