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Check out What Changed Towards End of December
Check out What Changed Towards End of December

We made some updates just before the new year, see what we changed.

Updated over a week ago

Reservations Have Some Updates

Book A Room is now Make a Reservation to accomodate the additoinal items our clients are making reservations for in our platform.  With our new daily blocks scheduler, we've introduced the Reserve a Hotel/Suite option to allow you to book a reservation.

New Snippets Available

We added another 12 snippets including a new section called Text Blocks.  These new snippets are designed to be combined with others to build out your e-mail content.  We hope you enjoy.

  • Centered Link

  • Header with Divider

  • Header with Paragraph

  • Highlight Numbers

  • Image Grid

  • Images 3 Rows by 2 Cols

  • Main Header

  • Numbers with Bullet Points

  • Paragraph

  • Side by Side Links

  • Sub Header

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