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Add a Pick-Up Location to Your eCommerce
Add a Pick-Up Location to Your eCommerce

See how to add a new location to allow people to pickup their purchase from one of your locations.

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You can setup as many locations as you need as pick-up locations. But in order to do this, you need to set up a few things:

Add a Directory Profile and Location

Start by setting up a new directory profile as a Brand/Warehouse Location.

Once this profile is setup, you can then add a new profile location.

Fill in the information about this location, including the address, open hours and contact information.

Once this location is in place, you can now assign the location as a pick-up location.

Setup a Pick-Up Location in Commerce Settings

Go to Sell > Commerce > Commerce Settings and you will now see this location avaialble to select as a pick-up location. To select multiple locations, hold the control key.

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