By leveraging the membership component of PeopleVine you can setup an affinity group for your members to engage and even keep events, content, forms and more hidden from people who are not part of this group. Read this tutorial to see how to set things up.

PeopleVine Membership Programs are extremely powerful. By setting up a membership program you can enable active members to:

  • Gain access to exclusive member only content and experiences throughout the PeopleVine ecosystemIncluding: content, newsletters, events, appointments, reservations, offers, forms and more

  • Get member only perks such as spending money, vouchers for free tickets, sessions and more

  • Browse other members via the member directory inclusive based on categories

  • Access the member only portal and options

Once a membership programs is setup, members can join by self-registering or via full-service. They can also be tied to an application process to enable people to build robust member profiles (for internal use). As well, members can build out their member profile for viewing and filtering by other members.

Setting Up Your Membership Program

So you want members to register online and generate their membership card? Perfect, you can either allow them to download the card after registering or set it to pending until you have a chance to approve. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reward > Memberships > New Membership Program

  2. Complete the details for the membership card, but make sure to set this as an ID card. Optionally you can check whether or not it should be active immediately or set to pending.

  3. Now PeopleVine will provide you with the URL for people to sign up on your site.

  4. In order to send a confirmation after signing up, go to Connect > Instant Notification Templates > New Instant Notification Template.

  5. Add your welcome message, etc. to the template.

  6. On the next screen you will choose when to send this; you should choose either when people subscribe as a member or when a membership is activated.

Setting Up the Member Directory and Profiles

To setup a Member Directory, you will need to do a few things:

  • Setup a membership program (enable the "Enable Directory" feature)

  • Assign users to the membership program

  • Add attributes so members can build out their member profile

By now, we hope you already know how to setup a membership program and add new members, but if not, here's a tutorial.

So lets jump to adding attributes so members can build their member profile. If you've done this for the business directory, it works the same way.

Follow these steps to add questions so people can build their member profile:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to the Company Menu and click on Setup New Attribute

  3. Change the Used For to Member Directory

4. Set the other values to prompt the user to fill out.
5. Check "set this attribute as searchable" if you want it to be filterable on the left.

Now members can view people in their own membership group (or category) by visiting /account/member/directory or by clicking on the link on their membership card in the portal.

Please note that permissions work as such:

  • If you are an active member of a membership program that has the directory enabled, you can see others in your membership program.

  • If you are an active member of a membership program that has the directory enabled, you can see others that are in a membership program in the same category.

Distributing Member Only Content to Active Members

Being an active member means you get access to member only exclusive content and experiences. To start distributing content and experiences to your members, you need to modify the permissions and visibility setting. Look for a section called Permissions. Change the Visibility to Active Members Only and then select the membership group that should have access.

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