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Event Statistics at a Glance
Event Statistics at a Glance

View event statistics at a glance (total attendees, revenue, etc.)

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Knowing how well your events are received is important to future planning. With our events dashboard, you will be able to see a live guest list and ticket revenue in one place.

The screenshot below shows you:

  • Total Revenue: See a live tally of revenue generated from ticket sales (if applies). Also shows total number of tickets purchased (or RSVP'd)

  • Awaiting: number of people yet to check in to the event

  • Checked-in: number of people who have checked in/ arrived

To view who has booked in and check in guests as they arrive, click on the 'view' icon in blue.

Event details

Each event has its own menu page that shows event stats in more detail.

  • Event information = edit event details including images and marketing copy; set up alerts for you or a coworker linked to this event or copy it and utilise the settings for another event

  • Event details = how much revenue you've made; the start and end dates and time and a shortcut to launch the venue app on an iOS device to check guests as they arrive.

  • Event Location = a URL to share; ability to update ticketing details; sell tickets to someone within your CRM; import guest guest (if you have them on an excel file) and promote on your social media platforms.

  • Preview in browser = shows you the event page as it will be marketed on your portal.

  • Reward points = useful if you are managing a loyalty program with Peoplevine.

  • Start a campaign = set up a marketing campaign to promote this event to your CRM or those within it.

Guest list

The next section gives you more statistics on the number registered vs checked in and the name of those who have booked to attend or purchased tickets.

On the day of the event, your front of house team can 'check in' guests as they arrive.

Read more on how to manage your guest lists here.

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