You can make it easier for your customers to find your products by specific attributes (e.g. ingredient, color, size, etc.) and the ability to automatically show related products.

In this tutorial we'll show you how to setup attributes that can become filterable on your commerce shop screen, allowing your customers to easily drill down to the products they're looking for. As well, we'll show you how to enable similar products when viewing a product.

Lets start out by setting up a new attribute:

  1. On the product you want to work with, scroll down to the attributes section. If the attribute exists under Select Attribute, then select it, otherwise click on Create An Attribute

2. When creating an attribute, ensure it's associated with a Product and then set the Field Type to Label.

3. Enter a title for this Attribute

4. Make sure you check Set attribute as searchable - will appear in filtering options to make sure people can filter by this option.

5. If you'd like the product page to display similar products in this attribute, then check Use to display suggested products.

6. Once you create the attribute, you'll be taken back to the product where you'll be able to assign the value

Once assigned this will now display as a filterable option.

When you click on it, you'll see all products that were labeled with that attribute.

When you view a product with that attribute, it will then show similar products.

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