....We know there are messages that are important to communicate with your members, so we've enabled the ability to send directly to specific groups with high importance, even if they opted out.

At times you may need to inform your people about something important, so we've provided the ability to flag a newsletter as High Importance. When doing this, our system will bypass the opt-in flags and deliver the message to all people that are in that group regardless if they are opted-in or not. We have enabled this for specific groups where we believe you may need to send last-minute or other important e-mails.

To enable this feature, when creating a newsletter, set the Importance flag to High. You will find this under the newsletter details.

When the Importance flag is set to High, any message sent to the following groups will send regardless if they are opted-in or not.

You can identify these by looking for the * prior to the name.

We ask that you respect people's wishes to opt-out and ONLY use this feature for Highly important scenarios. Keep in mind, sending e-mails to people after opt-ing out that are not critical to their experience, can tarnish your brand and in some cases violate laws.

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