Are you looking to create a custom and unique experience for your various brands on one CRM and one backend? So if someone engages with Brand A, their credentials and info are then available on Brand B with all data funneling back to a single CRM profile. We already supported a feature like this, allowing you to specific which domain name a page can be displayed on, however we now added the ability to include custom pages too.

If you refer to the article Overriding out of the box Pages at you can now setup these custom pages and signify which domain name they should display under. In this example we show how a different domain name with the same /login page can display a different content page.

In this case we have a KIN Login page and a KCP Login page both using the same /login keyword.

Each page is also assigned to its respective domain name (ultimately allowing multiple pages with the same keyword - as long as the domain is different).

When visiting /login on this domain name, you'll be able to render the domain specific page.

This feature proves to be useful when you want different experiences for different user types. Keeping in mind this technique can be applied to all custom override pages (in article above) which allows you to have separate home dashboards depending on the role.

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