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Automate Membership Activities with Triggers
Automate Membership Activities with Triggers

Gain More Control Over Automating Membership Activities with New Triggers

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With our membership triggers, you can automate communication via campaigns, send data to another platform via webhooks or even provide loyalty points after specific milestones.

We added some additional ones to provide even more precise communication when needed:

  • The membershipID trigger was added to enable you to send triggers for ID memberships vs. membershiptx which will send triggers for subscription based memberships.

  • We added the ability to trigger off of membership_monthly and membership_annually (along with other frequencies when using our API). These are designed to allow you to send renewal reminders or other confirmations associated with their specific schedule.

There are (at the time of this article) a total of 18 activities that can automate campaigns, send a webhook or offer loyalty points for completing.

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