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Pro-rate Membership Dues
Pro-rate Membership Dues

Automatically pro-rate memberships that begin midway through the month.

Updated over a week ago

When setting up a service (for billing your membership dues or other recurring revenue experiences), you have the option to auto-prorate the transaction.

Under the Billing & Credits section, you'll notice a switch to enable prorated billing.

When enabled, we will automatically prorate their billing in the various experiences in the platform:

When approving their application.

When you approve an application, you will have the option to select the next billing date, their dues and to charge their initiation and other fees.

When using self-checkout.

A person will see an info box with the pro-rated charge along with the next date they will be charged.

When checking out it will show their payment is for prorated dues along with an info block that specifies rate and frequency.

When completing through the back-end.

You will now notice that this option is pre-selected if it's a prorated service.

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