You can trigger a webhook to automatically attach an attribute to the person's profile.

In an effort to segment your audience or to leverage the HAPI command, you can now tag someone with an attribute via a webhook. Please note, this is one of those technical articles to show how this use case can be setup. If we see large demand, we'll continue to build out the interface and options.

To set this up, go to setup a new webhook.

Set the URL for the webhook to local/attribute where local signifies this is a local function and attribute represents our first function that you can run with the local command.

Along with the Body/Message of the Webhook as: {"customer_no": , "attribute_type": "Member Flag", "attribute_value": "Wine Club"} where Member Flag represents the group you want them in and attribute_value is the separation value to put them into a sub-group.

Everything else should be set as the default option.

The next time this webhook is fired, the system will process it locally and apply the attribute to the CRM record that triggered this webhook.

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