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One of the first sections of Peoplevine you will want to set up is your general company settings because many of these settings affect other features in Peoplevine.

Company Profile

Your company profile will allow Peoplevine to build custom passes for your people. The information you provide here will also help your people contact you or learn more about your company.

To update your company profile follow these steps:

  1. Click on your company name in the top left corner.

  2. Navigate to Settings & Tools and click Company Profile.

3. Fill out Company Information

  • Company Name: This will be displayed on your passes so type it in how you would like to see it displayed.

  • Company Address: This should be the address of your main location for location-based coupons

  • About Your Company: Enter a description of your company that will be displayed on the back of every pass.

  • Option to Track Anonymous Web Activity: If you check this box, PeopleVine will log anonymous website activity by tracking both IP addresses and unique session IDs. Please note, that even if this box is unchecked but a person is logged into your website or otherwise identified through a conversation, PeopleVine will still track this activity.

4. Fill out Contact & Social Information.

5. Fill out Company Identification to personalize the look of your passes.

6. Once you are satisfied, click Update Profile.

SMS Setup

If you would like to contact your people via text message, you will need to set up an integration with Twilio first.

When clicking on SMS Provider, we will prompt you for your Twilio API Keys.

To get started:

  • you will need to sign up for a new Twilio account at

  • Once you've signed up, add a credit card and activate to a regular account. This will allow you to send to people other than yourself.

  • You will need the API keys to activate with PV. To get your API Keys, login to the Twilio Console and go to your Account Dashboard.

  • Here you'll see your ACCOUNT SID with an arrow pointing down.

  • Click on that arrow to reveal both your SID and Token.

  • You will need to click the copy button and copy each of these keys into the Peoplevine system.

  • Start by going to the Integrated Platforms section. Find SMS Providera nd click to add the credentials.

  • Then select the provider (in this case Twilio).

  • Enter the SID in the Account ID field and the Secret in the Auth Token space.

  • Click on Add SMS Gateway and now when setting up a phone number, sending out messages and receiving messages, we will use your Twilio account.

How to Set Up a Long Code Outgoing Number

  1. Once the bove has been completed, click on your company name in the top left corner.

2. Click on SMS Setup.

3. Navigate to Sending Method and choose Long Code

4. Search the area code you would like your outgoing number to start with.

5. Choose your preferred phone number.

6. If you would like to forward any incoming calls to a different number, check the box next to "Yes, forward incoming calls to me." Add the number you would like calls forwarded to in the box below.

If you would like to display the caller's number as the caller ID for forwarded calls, check the box.

7. Once you are satisfied, click Use This Number.

Payment Processors

Peoplevine is ready to start accepting payments as soon as you set up your payment processor. We are integrated with your favorite payment processors to make setup easy.

There are several places in the Peoplevine platform where you may need to accept payments from your customers. These include:

  • eCommerce

  • Recurring Billing & Transactions

  • Events & Ticketing

  • Appointments & Reservations

  • Donations

Setting Up a Default Payment Processor

  1. Click on your company name in the top left corner.

  2. Navigate to Settings & Tools and click Payment Processor.

  3. Click Register Payment Processor.

4. Select Default Payment Provider under Activate Payment Processor.

5. Next, select the Payment Processor you want to use.

6. Depending on the Payment Processor you choose, you will need different keys or codes to connect PeopleVine to the processor. To learn where to find these keys, check out the article for your payment processor below:

United States

CardConnect (Debit/Credit & ACH) (Debit/Credit & ACH)

GoCardless (ACH/Direct Debit Only)

Stripe (Debit/Credit Card Only)

Europe/Middle East/Asia

GoCardless (ACH/Direct Debit Only)

Stripe (Debit/Credit Card Only)

Worldpay (Debit/Credit Card Only) - currently in development ERD Q3 2024

Follow the prompts on screen

8. Choose what the processor should be used for.

10. Choose the payment types you would like to accept.

11. Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Create Processor.

Platform Settings

Platform settings allow you to customize Peoplevine for your company. Here, you can customize transactions (with authorization and tax amounts), the directory, subscriptions, memberships as well as other parts of the software. Be sure to check out all the settings that are available.

  1. Click on your Company Name in the top left corner.

2. Navigate to Settings & Tools and click Platform Settings.

3. Scroll through all the settings to customize settings for your company.

4. Once you are satisfied, click Save.

Integrated Platforms

We have integrations with a variety of different platforms to provide you a seamless experience. Follow the steps below to set these up.

  1. Click on your company name in the top left corner.

2. Navigate to Settings & Tools and click Integrated Platforms.

3. Choose the software you would like to integrate.

4. Each software had different requirements to successfully integration. Please contact our support team or your Onboarding Manager if you need help setting any of these integrations up.


POS & Hospitality


Property Management Systems (PMS)


Access control

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