We added a new feature that allows you to prompt an applicant to enter their e-mail and/or mobile number in order to verify if they have either applied or are an active member.

This feature was built specifically to prevent a spouse from overriding their spouses details if they share the same e-mail and/or mobile number. Over time we have found people that share the same e-mail and/or mobile number (even in 2021) causing some data to be overwritten when the other person applies. This issue is only a concern if you have your spouse signing up separately vs. a joint account (where the spouse form creates a new CRM record).

To enable this feature, edit the Survey Application and check the box that says Verify applicants haven't already applied and are not a member before continuing through the application.

Once checked, when people first arrive at the application for the first time, they will be prompted to enter their e-mail and mobile number before continuing.

Upon entering their e-mail and/or mobile number, we will identify if they are already in the CRM to determine if they've already applied or are a member. If so, we will prompt them to inform them. If not, they can continue with the application.

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