With our recent update to our Member Perks engine, you can now set a perk to re-issue on a regular basis. You can also control whether a sub-member should receive this perk.

On the membership program, look for the Manage Member Perks button to add or edit your existing perks.

When adding/editing a perk, you will now see an option to control the frequency of how often this perk should be issued to an active member.

This includes the ability to issue one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annually.

You will also notice an option that controls whether or not to issue these perks to sub-members. These are members who are not the parent member.

If a membership is transferred to someone, the perks will start issuing to the new person (on the schedule). For example, if it's one-time, then they won't receive it, however, if it's monthly, they will get on the next billing cycle.

These perks apply to both billable and non-billable memberships.

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