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Services are how your members are charged for their recurring dues. A service may or may not connect to a membership. In order for you to collect dues on a regular basis, you will need to set the billing rate in services. If billing fails and the service connects to a membership, the membership is inactive until billing is successful.

How to Create a Service

  1. In the toolbar, click Sell.

  2. Locate Transactions > Services and click Setup New Service.

  3. Add the name of your service in the field called "Service Name."

  4. Choose a service status. Make sure the status is Active if you would like your members to sign up via your website.

  5. You are also able to assign this service to an already created category or location.

  6. Make sure to write a description for your service in "Service Description."

  7. Under Billing & Credits, you can:

    • Add service fees and frequency. The system will automatically charge users based on the billing cycle they subscribe to. If you do not want to support a certain billing cycle frequency, leave it blank.

    • Choose to charge an initiation fee or require a deposit.

    • Choose to charge a service fee when people use credit cards.

    • Choose to prorate billing to the first of the month.

    • Allow users to sign up for a free trial.

    • Enable financing which will create a payment plan for this service.

  8. Under Processing, you can:

    • Identify a URL for people to be redirected to after subscribing.

    • Allow subscribers to set up multiple instances under one billing.

    • Allow subscribers to enable or disable automatic billing

    • Allow subscribers to cancel their membership via "My Account"

    • Allow subscribers to change their plan subscription via "My Account"

    • Set up this service to auto-renew.

  9. In the Notifications section, you can:

    • Set an email confirmation to automatically go out when a user subscribes

    • Set a text confirmation to automatically be sent when a user subscribes

    • Set a social media post to automatically be posted on your social media networks when this service is created.

    • Set a notification to go out to you when someone subscribes to this service.

  10. When you are satisfied with the settings, click Continue.

How to Manage a Service

  1. In the toolbar, click Sell.

  2. Locate Transactions > Services and click Manage Services.

  3. Find the service you would like to edit and click edit.

  4. Make your desired changes.

  5. Click update services.

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