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TripleSeat Integration
TripleSeat Integration

Our initial integration with TripleSeat is now available to sync members, events and spend to their CRM profile in Peoplevine.

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With our integration with TripleSeat we enhance the experience for serving your members by syncing members to TripleSeat and syncing their reservation along with their spend in TripleSeat back into their profile in Peoplevine.

To connect your TripleSeat account with Peoplevine, you will need to obtain:

  1. the Public Token;

  2. the Secret Key;

  3. the Account ID.

You will need to attain your Tripleseat account's public token and secret key. This can be found by logging in to your Tripleseat account and going to Settings -> Tripleseat API. If you don't have access to this area, you'll have to request it from the customer admin.

Once you have these values, login to the Peoplevine Control Panel and go to the integrations. Click on TripleSeat to enter the credentials.

Select the environment you want to connect to, enter the Public Token and Secret Key you obtained from TS. Then enter your Account ID. This can be found in your account settings in TripleSeat.

You will then be taken to authenticate the connection to generate your credentials. Once connected, you'll see an option to sync data. We'll automatically sync members and reservations once you connect the system.

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