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Affiliate accounts
Affiliate accounts

The affiliates module enables you to track referrals to your business and revenue-generating experiences including applications and events.

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This tutorial will walk you through setting up an affiliate account (referrer account) so they can start to earn rewards on their referrals, should you wish to enable this.

Create an affiliate program

We recommend you setup an Affiliate Program first, if you haven't done so already, to enable self-service and presets settings when adding a new affiliate.

  1. Login to your Peoplevine account

  2. Go to Sell / Directory / Create an Affiliate Program.

  3. Complete the details and settings for this affiliate program.

  4. Under the settings, choose how you would like to reward people who are part of this program under 'commission type'; how frequently to pay this out, under 'commission frequency' and the amount, under 'commission', if applicable.

  5. You have the following options available:

    You can also choose a zero ('0') amount under percentage or flat dollar amount if you simply want to track referrals.

  6. Once completed, you will be taken to the program main menu where you can register individuals to join the program.

Register people to an affiliate program

  1. From the menu above, select 'regiater affiliate' from the top right-hand of the screen.

  2. Look up the person to check whether they are already in your CRM. Register them if they are not.

  3. Under the 'commission' section dropdown, seletc the program you'd like to register them to. The settings in this section will pre-populate to the selection made.

  4. Under 'advanced options' you can choose a custom affiliate ID, which is unique to each individual in your program. Leave it blank for Peoplevine to generate a unique ID:

  5. Select 'create' when you've completed this section.

  6. In the example below, we have created a custom ID for Tom Jones. Now that he has been set up as an affiliate, we are able to share a unique reference that can be attached to any URL within Peoplevine.

  7. /ref/affiliateID is the formula for all affiliate references.

  8. The unique reference in this example is /ref/TomJones. Suffixing this on the end of your application URL (as one possible use case), will link applicants to Tom Jones and help you track the number of times his reference has been used.

  9. The person is now setup as an affiliate in the platform and can start earning rewards.

Now when they login to their account at, they will see a link that says My Affiliate where they can obtain their link and view commission payouts/status.

When an affiliate shares their URL, we will track the CRM contact they referred, the subscription the person signed up with and any additional transactions associated with the affiliate (including recurring billing, event tickets and ecommerce orders).

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