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Membership: OverviewWelcome to our guide on managing Membership programs
Membership Perks
Applications & FormsThe form builder in Peoplevine can be used to create forms to collect any information you may want to know about your members.
Membership ApplicationsManage, approve and activate members through the application workflow.
Charge an Initiation/ Joining FeeWhen setting up the service for billing, you can now add an initiation fee to charge prior to becoming subscribed.
How to Add Members to your Membership ProgramsThis will show you how to manually add members into a respective membership.
Affiliate accountsThe affiliates module enables you to track referrals to your business and revenue-generating experiences including applications and events.
Check-In Members & GuestsUsing the Check In App to check in member and guests visiting your property
Managing What Memberships Your Members Can Subscribe ToYou have complete control over what membership programs your members can become members of by controlling a few settings.
Enable Users to Subscribe to a Free TrialUse your landing page to encourage membership sign up
Control Venue Access on Specific MembershipsYou can enable valid rules to enable specific times and blackout dates when a membership card is considered valid.
Setup a Membership Sign up Landing PageYou can setup a landing page that will breakdown the various membership programs you offer by category.
Offer Member Discounts as a Premium Member PerkNow you can add a default member discount that is applied at checkout and displayed when verifying a member at the POS.
PeopleVine - Allow Your Business Partners to Check-In Membersvideo tutorial on how to check in members into your space(s)
How to Assign Membership Credits
Going Live with Membership Cards
Allow Partners/Other Businesses to Validate/Check-in Members
Import Existing Member dataMap your existing CRM profiles to Peoplevine
Subscription StatusIn this article, we'll share with you the various statuses available for subscriptions and how to leverage them.
Check In Form - Prompt Questions When Checking Someone In At Your SpaceNow when your members are checked in using the Control Panel, /Checkin or when scanning their QR code you can prompt...
Route Members to a Custom Landing Page
Get Notified When a Member Checks InYou can subscribe to text message alerts when a specific member or members from a specific membership program arrive at your space.
Setup an Application to Capture Spouse/Partner Info and Link TogetherFollow these steps when setting up joint applications
Sell Memberships with Credits that are Used When Booking an AppointmentYou can setup a membership program that allows a member up to x amount of appointments per month. If they exceed that amount...
Set the Term Renewal Date to Lock Members into a ContractYou can leverage the new Term Renewal Date to set when a member is able to cancel their membership.
Subscription Renewal EmailsSend your users an automated email to remind them to renew their subscriptions to your service.
Use the Peoplevine Point of eXperience (POX) App to Check In Your MembersThe Peoplevine POX app provides you with a front of the house tool to streamline the member check-in process.
Setup Membership Cards that Pop Up when Member is Nearby