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Membership program configuration; applications; management

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Membership: Overview
Survey Applications & Form Builder
Membership Applications
Charge an Initiation/ Joining Fee
Membership Perks
Transfer of a Membership
Reciprocal Clubs Members
Setup a Member Directory so Members Can Find Members by Interest or Other Topics to Connect
How to Add Members to your Membership Programs
Setting up an Affiliate Program
Setup an Affinity Group (like "Wine Club") to Further Engage and Connect Your Members
Affiliate accounts
Automate Membership Activities with Triggers
Check-In Guests
Managing What Memberships Your Members Can Subscribe To
Set a Membership/ID Card to Expire After x Time After Being Issued
Enable Users to Subscribe to a Free Trial
Setup Rules to Limit Access to Members at Specific Times
Setup a Membership Sign up Landing Page
Offer Member Discounts as a Premium Member Perk
PeopleVine - Allow Your Business Partners to Check-In Members
How to Assign Membership Credits
Going Live with Membership Cards
Allow Partners/Other Businesses to Validate/Check-in Members
Import Existing Member data
Subscription Status
Check In Form - Prompt Questions When Checking Someone In At Your Space
Route Members to a Custom Landing Page
Get Notified When a Member Checks In
Setup an Application to Capture Spouse/Partner Info and Link Together
Sell Memberships with Credits that are Used When Booking an Appointment
Set the Term Renewal Date to Lock Members into a Contract
Subscription Renewal Emails
Use the Peoplevine Point of eXperience (POX) App to Check In Your Members
Setup Membership Cards that Pop Up when Member is Nearby