PayPal for eCommerce
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Follow these steps to integrate PayPal into your Peoplevine account for eCommerce. For more information about payment processors supported by PeopleVine, please view this article.

In PayPal

  1. Login to your PayPal account by going to and click on Sign in

  2. Click on Profile (upper right hand corner).

  3. Click My Selling Tools on the left navigation

  4. Click update next to API Access

  5. Under NVP/SOAP API Integration click on View API Signature or Generate API Signature

  6. Once generated, you will copy the values provided into PeopleVine

In Peoplevine

  1. Login to your Peoplevine account.

  2. Click your company name and then click on Integrated Platforms

  3. Click on PayPal

  4. Enter the API credentials on PayPal's website.

Note: if you already had a PayPal account and you're adding a new one, make sure you delete the old one from the Integrated Platform screen (if you see multiple).

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