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Manage revenue and accounting for your business

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Peoplevine For Your Accounting TeamLearn The Tools, Predict Your Revenue And Follow Your Cash
Transactions: an overviewTrack your revenue, see popular products and customer spend habits through the transactions engine
Charge a personLearn how to charge a person any amount on the fly via payment link or structured through specific experiences.
Recurring Payments
Charge Service Fees and Taxes on SubscriptionsLearn how we charge taxes and service fees on subscriptions, membership initiation fees and more.
Pro-rate Membership DuesAutomatically pro-rate memberships that begin midway through the month.
Collect Unpaid Dues
House AccountsYou can enable house accounts to give members the ability to checkout open tabs to their house account.
Void and Reverse TransactionsDid your payment processor hold a transaction for review that failed? Follow these steps to reverse the actions.
Issuing RefundsHow to issue a refund for an already processed transaction.
Ensuring Your Are PCI Compliant
Daily A/R ReportYou can subscribe to a daily A/R report in order to stay on top of your growing (or lowering) account receivables balances.
Adjust the Billing Date of All MembersWith an ever-changing world and continuous lockdowns/business closures, we create a tool so you can easily push out the next billing date.
Break-out TransactionsWe added a new option that enables you to break-out line items into transactions.
Expiring PaymentsWhen viewing your subscriptions, you will now see the expiration date for the credit card used to pay the subscription.
Distribute a StipendWith the member stipend feature, you have the ability to provide your members with spending money
Issue an offer/coupon or a voucher to a specific person.Follow these steps to issue an offer/coupon or a voucher to a specific person. They will receive a digital voucher they can redeem.
Taking Payments via ACH (eCheck or Telecheck)You can accept payments from your customers via direct bank withdrawals by setting up ACH or eCheck services.
Accounts ReceivableKeep on top of dues and unpaid invoices through the PeopleVine A/R function
Allow Your Partners to Create/Mange OffersCompanies in the business directory (and their assigned users) can create and manage offers visible on your website.
Adding Fundraisers to your WebsiteWith PeopleVine Fundraisers, you and your (audience) can setup fund raising campaigns to raise money for a certain goal.