Gift Cards in Peoplevine
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With Peoplevine Gift Cards you can issue Gift Certificates, Reward Certificates and Promotional Certificates. These allow your customers to checkout, subscribe, purchase, pay invoices and more.

Within Peoplevine you can issue gift cards and redeem value from gift cards both in the backend tools, via your web site and via eCommerce. As well via our API, gift cards can be integrated into your existing Point of Sale or other commerce tools.

Gift cards can be redeemed via the following ways:

  • In the Control Panel as a payment type.  When you charge a person, you will see an option for payment type of Gift Card, select this and we'll display the gift cards associated with the user.

  • On your website, people can redeem their gift card via: When checking out via eCommerce, When booking an appointment, & When purchasing tickets

  • Via the business tools.  Your partners can also redeem gift cards via their My Account Business Tools.  When they redeem, the transaction will be tied to their account for future auditing purposes.

Getting Started with Gift Cards

In order to leverage gift cards in Peoplevine, you will need to activate them in your account. To do so, go to Sell > Transactions > Gift Cards. Click on the Enable Gift Cards button to turn them on. You will then be taken to issue a gift card or sell on your website.

Gift Cards can be Digital or Physical

We support both digital and physical gift cards when selling on your website and tracking within the system. They essentially leverage the same process, however you can mail the physical gift card to someone that they can register and use online. When using physical gift cards, follow these steps:

  1. Sell the physical gift card to the customer (you can do this within Peoplevine via eCommerce or via transactions or you can do it outside of Peoplevine).

  2. Once sold, Peoplevine will automatically generate a gift card serial number and pin number, you can then replace this number with the serial number and pin number located on your physical gift card.

  3. Now your customer will have a physical card and a digital card all tied to the same number (so if they redeem it online or at your physical location, it will pull from the same balance)

Please note that the gift card must be registered within the Peoplevine Control Panel in order for it to be used online. If you don't have your customer's info when registering online, that's OK. They can go to to register it to their account. They will need the serial number and pin number to do this.

Sell a Gift Card in the Control Panel

Follow these steps to sell a gift card to a customer:

  1. Login to the Control Panel

  2. Go to Sell > Transactions > Sell a Gift Card

  3. You will be prompted to select the customer or create a new one

  4. You will then be prompted to enter the dollar value and take payment

  5. Once completed, your gift card is issued.

By default, your customer will receive an email confirmation with their gift card and it will automatically be available for checkout via your website (and in their My Account).

Sell Gift Cards on your Web Site

Via the eCommerce engine you can sell both digital and physical gift cards. The only difference is, a digital gift card is fully automated and can be emailed to the recipient, while a physical gift card requires you to manually adjust the serial number on the gift card.

To sell gift cards on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Control Panel

  2. Go to Sell > eCommerce > Add a Product

  3. Select the type of product as Digital Item

  4. Scroll down to digital product setup (after you've added the other info) and select Purchase a Gift Card

  5. This can be set as a Fixed amount (where the user chooses from the default denominations) or a custom amount greater than the MSRP price.

  6. Once the product is setup, people can now purchase digital gift cards from your site.

Once purchased, the recipient of the gift card will receive an email with a link to view their gift card. It will also automatically be added to their account, so when they checkout online, their gift card can be used.

When selling physical cards, you will set them up just like a physical product. After someone purchases it, you will then need to manually issue the digital version, so it can be redeemed on your site.

Email Confirmation When Card is Created

Once you enable gift cards in Peoplevine, we will automatically setup the default email template for sending email confirmations. To make changes to this email confirmation, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Control Panel

  2. Go to Newsletters > Instant Notification Templates

  3. Look for the email titled "You Received a Gift Card"

  4. This email is used to send out the email confirmation once a gift card is issued. It currently utilizes a standard template managed by Peoplevine Templates. In order to modify this email notification, click on edit and either open up in the builder, switch to HTML view or designer view.

  5. You can now make your own customizations to this notification.

Please note, once you make these changes, you will no longer be able to leverage the out of the template.

Alternatively, you can wire up and design your own email notification for gift cards by using this code:

<div data-pv-component="giftcard" data-pv-parameters="{customer_no: {@customer_no@}, gift_card_no: {@reference_no@}}" data-pv-type="">
<p>Dear <span data-pv-element="customer.first_name">First Name</span>,</p>
<p><strong>From:</strong> <span data-pv-element="purchaser.first_name">First</span> <span data-pv-element="purchaser.last_name">Last</span><br>
<strong>Gift Card Value:</strong> <span data-pv-element="current_value" data-pv-formatter="currency">$100.00</span><br>
<strong>Your Gift Card Number is:</strong> <span data-pv-element="serial_number">123456789</span><br>
<strong>Your Pin # is:</strong> <span data-pv-element="gift_card_pin">1234</span></p>
<p>Your gift card is waiting in your online account. &nbsp;Click Go Shopping and your gift card will be waiting there for you to use.</p><a href="{@domain_name@}/shop">Go Shopping</a>

Integrate with Peoplevine API

Please contact your account rep or our support team for assistance with integrating into our API. If you are already integrated into our Transaction API then you simply need to pass in the payment_type="giftcard" and the card_no=gift_card_no and we'll process it from there.

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