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Setup a category and assign products
Setup a category and assign products
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To create the best shopping experience, we recommend you use both attribute and categories to make it easy for people to find the products they're looking for. Follow these steps to setup a category for eCommerce:

  1. Login to the Control Panel

  2. Go to the Company Menu and click on Categories

  3. Enter a name for the category and assign it to be used for Products. 

5. You can continue to customize the category as needed including adding a banner, thumbnail (when it's a sub-category) and custom HTML on the page.
6. Now that your category is created, you can add products to it.

Adding Products One at a Time

Once your category is setup, you can add products directly to the category when creating it. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sell > New Product

  2. When creating the product, you will see a section to Select a Category

3. Select the category you just created

Adding Products to a Category in Bulk

If your products already exist, but you want to categorize them, you can do this in bulk. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Category you just created and visit the menu

  2. You will see an option that says Add Products to this Category

  3. You can then search for the products you want to add

  4. Check the products you want to add and click Add to Category

Now people can shop all the products in your custom category.

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