If your POS isn’t syncing the category info into Peoplevine, you will need to setup new categories and assign products, in order to build your Revenue by Category report to be accurate. Start by going to Sell > Ecommerce > Revenue by Category under S&D. If you aren’t seeing any categories, then you’ll need to get some things setup.

If this is the case, you need to start setting up your categories and adding items to it. Start by going to the company menu and click on Setup New Category under Categories.

Enter the category name and set the component to Product (this is used to help calculate the stats for sales on this category).

Once created, you can then click on add products to this category to search for and assign.

Then search for all products that match this category and/or keywords that you know will match this category.

Once selected, the category will start to show sales data.

Which means the Revenue by Category report will also be reporting on this.

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