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Set up shop with eCommerce: An overview
Set up shop with eCommerce: An overview
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Use Peoplevine to power your online product and merchandise sales. Here's a basic outline for what you'll need to do to get started.


First, set up payment processing via My Account > Payment Processors. If you don't already have a merchant account for accepting payments online, see here.

Next, set up shipping options at Sell > Commerce Settings.

Add filters before adding your products

If you'll be selling products from multiple brands, add these brands via Sell > Create a Business/Brand.

If you'll be providing products in different categories, set up those categories as well from Tools > Create A Category (be sure to select "Product" from the component dropdown menu).

Setting up your brands and categories first will allow you to assign them more easily to each product you add in the next step. See here for more info.

Add your products

Select Sell > Create A Product to start adding products. Notice that the brands and categories you created in the previous step will be available for you to apply to each product via the respective dropdown menus:

View your products and make edits

Go to Sell > Find Products to view a dashboard of all the products you've added and access editing options:

You can see and test how the above example appears on our sample website here.

PeopleVine automatically generates the commerce site as you add your products. You can shop all products via [yourdomain].com/commerce_shop.aspx and view the standard commerce home page at [yourdomain].com/commerce_home.aspx.

Take it further

Once your shop's set up, integrate any or all of these other Peoplevine tools to take your engagement (and sales!) further.

  • Engage > Implement ratings & reviews

  • Sell > Create a commerce coupon

  • Reward > Start a loyalty program

  • Connect > Send a newsletter

  • Automate > Monitor for product mentions or launch a Follow Through Campaign after purchase

Got questions? We can help! Email [email protected]

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