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Send Newsletters from Your Servers/Gateway
Send Newsletters from Your Servers/Gateway

You can send all outgoing emails from your PeopleVine account via your SMTP gateway. This allows for more isolated and frequent delivery.

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You can send your newsletters and notifications via different email providers in order to increase delivery and throughput.  To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. If you're not an admin, please contact an administrator to set this up.

  2. Go to the Company Menu (click your company name) and then go to Integrated Platforms (only admins can do this)

  3. Click on the "SMTP Gateway" integration option

  4. Enter the credentials and click Add Mail Server

Please note that your email server must be SSL enabled via port 587 otherwise it may not work.

If you're interested in available providers, look for anyone that offers a SMTP Gateway with username and password.

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