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API / Customization / Advanced
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We added Additional Transaction MetaData for Your Reports and Tracking
Poor Man's Way to Password Protect a Page or Experience
Add a content snippet to the My Account menu for customers
Automatically fill values on a form by passing it in the URL
Wrapping Your Javascript with pvReady() Makes Your Code Work in the Builder
Setup a Staging Environment to Build and Test without Impacting Your Members
Customize the Event Page with Banners and Content to Make it Yours
Pre-Select Options on a Form via the Query String (pass in via URL e.g. ?field_1234_56789=baseball)
Enable Phone Number Validation for US Only
HAPI - Include responses from a form in an e-mail confirmation
HAPI Sample - Account Subscription Page
HAPI Forms - Now You're In Control
ID Tags and Classes Added to Every Out of the Box Page
HAPI - Scheduler - Sample Code for Multiple Slot Selection
HAPI Sample - Scheduler - Dining Reservations
Use the Navigation Builder to Easily Customize Your Portal Navigation
HAPI Sample - Events Page
HAPI Sample - Blog Page
Getting Started with Developing on PeopleVine
Reward Points for First Time Visit and Future Visits
Customize the Subscription Messaging Experience
HAPI - Access Customer Total Values to Manipulate Content and Layout
Process Payment on File API Call
Add a Rewards Expiring Soon Snippet To Your Loyalty Dashboard
Using the Checkout Engine
Leveraging the "Get" Engine to Automatically Enroll Non-Loyalty Members into the Loyalty Program
Running Performance and Penetration Tests Against PeopleVine
Send Newsletters from Your Servers/Gateway
Migrate HTML code from another platform to PeopleVine